Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Not so sure I like being written ABOUT

Well, I'm shocked. Mystery readers, it appears, are following the life of Skeeter Hughes -- that's me -- in a book, Where's Billie? A Skeeter Hughes Mystery. Kindle Nation even recommended the book. Check it out on the link.

As a journalist, I'd really rather that people read my work, not read ABOUT me and my work. Makes me a bit uncomfortable, to tell the truth. My nature is to tell everyone else' story, not mine. And all that stuff about my daughters and husband. I'm not exactly happy that Judith Yates Borger has chosen to air my problems in print. 

But I have to admit finding Billie was a coup, and it did put a stop to some horrible goings on at the Mall of America. And the whole package did get me a promotion. What's more, I believe in Borger's right to print whatever seems like a good tale to her. So I guess I'll just have to let her go at it.


  1. I'm reading WHERE'S BILLIE? now, and just have to say . . . I think I'd like to buy Skeeter a glass of wine.

  2. Thanks, Peg, but I'd prefer a beer.


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